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intention is to get the recipes for these things:

  • Goat cheese cheesecake with chili jam.
  • Profiteroles with red pepper and cheese.
  • Dark chocolate cake with chilies.
  • rose petal jam, apple juice jelly
  • vanilla ice cream, olive oil, coarse salt
  • {tomato,strawberry+basil,strawberry+mango,plum,banana,…} jam (±equal parts fruit and sugar, sometimes a little water)
  • chili jam! : 150g chili, 150g red paprika, 1kg sugar, 600ml white wine vinegar
  • nigella’s chocolate christmas pud
  • eggnogg
  • knish
  • Chequer cake: concentric circles!!
  • {port, amaretto, muntmeuk, espresso, etc} Panna Cotta
  • vodka + vanille
  • vodka in pastasaus
  • baked alaska! (and then with ginger cake as base)
  • jam: vijg+druif, watermelon preserve (see mom), cranberry, granaatappel
  • roségelei
  • 2 <- naan



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