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Some Lebanese ideas

Added 2/Mar/2018

source: a restaurant in Melbourne

cauliflower with tahini + dukkah

Yeah just that. Boil then fry some cauliflower (leaving the .. um .. heads quite large) and smother in tahini and dust with dukkah spice. Can be served on a bed of moghrabieh cous cous (oily, perhaps capsicum fried to death in oil and then douse the cous cous in that mixture?). Serve with “wild cucumber”.

pastry envelopes

fillo pastry ish envelopes with haloumi and feta with spring onion. can be served with pomegranate molasses.


tomato and cucumber diced finely so as to make a dense salad, with some shavings of cabbage, and “sun-dried yoghurt cheese” or perhaps sub with strong feta. Oregano, and insert large green olives, too.

green beans

Sautéed green beans (top n tail and not too large) in garlic onion and chili, with fresh tomato.


OK this one i wouldn’t know how to reproduce.

Pumpkin / wheat, round (deep?) fried things stuffed with fresh spinach & onion. On warm cabbage salad. Served with ajvar.