Random good ideas


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ideas are more inspired than others. Beware.

Without recipe

  • Japanese green tea stuff icecream! With flaky pastry and condensed milk sprinkled on top.
  • penne + roast potatoes (smitten kitchen)
  • coffee + {garlic, salt, cinnamon}
  • cheese fondue (possibly with Quadrupel. turns out this works okay. need more beer though, flavour wasn’t overwhelming)
  • random curry with vegetables and lentils
  • chicory bake thingy with roux, a lot of cheese and rice
  • falafels with pita bread + salad etc (and home-made garlic sauce)
  • the boiled egg curry
  • arrabiata pasta
  • hutspot, evt. met pastinaak (z/p, laurier, nootmuskaat). VERSE GEMBER is lekker erbij.
  • random pasta with olives, tomatoes and cheese
  • minimalist olive oil + garlic + madame jeanette + fresh pasta, pasta
  • spinach pastry triangles (yay, more cheese) + feta+onion (don’t forget nutmeg)
  • boerenkool + pindasaus + fried onion rings and mushrooms (works with mustard too)
  • knoflooksoep
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • risotto
  • Sheba + pap!
  • Sherry trifle.
  • Easy onion soup, starter
  • iets met gnocchi
  • bierbeslag
  • wraps!

With recipe



  • balsamico / honey syrup on pancake or boerenomelet OR OF COURSE on caprese salad




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