Hummus and wasabi wraps


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Hummus and Wasabi Wraps (vegan)

source: & whatever ingredients/inspiration available


  • wraps (bought or homemade, also consider your local Arabic/Turkish/Indian baker’s flat bread varieties)
  • hummus (a wonderful recipe can be found right here: Hummus
  • wasabi (handmade if you must, you hippie)
  • avocado
  • bell pepper of favourite variety
  • mushrooms
  • fresh tomatoes
  • rocket or other lettuce
  • (optional) assorted nuts and/or seeds according to preference (cashews, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds were used)
  • (optional) fresh herbs


  1. Firstly, make some hummus!
  2. Cut vegetables into strips/bite-size bits
  3. Present all ingredients attractively
  4. Welcome company
  5. Assemble!

Obviously, the recipe can be adapted according to stock/preference/mood. The original recipe uses soy sprouts and black sesame seeds.



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