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Fried rice

Added 20/Jul/2016

source: Ruby

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Boil the rice. Cup or two. In the meantime:

Make the omelette: whisk the eggs together and add salt/pepper. Heat up some peanut oil in a wok / frying pan, then make a few (1-3?) omelettes (keep them thinnish).

Chop up the spring onions and dice the carrots, then fry those in a bunch of peanut oil for a while. Don’t forget the chilli flakes. Add soy sauce and fry some more. After a while one can add frozen peas. Yes. Once that is sufficiently unraw, i guess one can place the contents into a mixing bowl.

FInally, in Wok, err add cashews uhm, and the rice and perhaps fry a little bit.

Combine. Eat. be happy. Egg.