NOTE: Next time based on 2 * 250g mascarpone!

Cheesecake with sour cream

By: mom, Huisgenoot ’84

Ingredients :


  • 150g Tennis of Marie Biscuits
  • 60g botter
  • 15ml suiker (spread thin layer jam (strawberry) on biscuit base)


  • 3 * 250g roomkaas
  • 5 eiers
  • 200g/250ml suiker
  • 7ml vanilla (less if using clear concentrated essence)


  • 750ml suurroom
  • 100g suiker
  • 7ml vanilla

Can decorate with fresh strawberries.

Method :

  1. Meng beskuitjiekrummels met gesmelte botter en suiker
  2. Druk vas in bak 33x23x5 (or round springvorm)
  3. Voorverhit oond tot 150 degtC
  4. Klits roomkaas effens en klits eiers een, een by
  5. Gooi mengsel op kors en bak 1 uur
  6. Verhit oond nou tot 180 deg C
  7. Klits suurroom, suiker en vanilla en skep bo-oor warm kaaskoek. Laat 3 min staan.
  8. Plaas in oond en bak 5 min
  9. Verkoel oornag in koelkas en versier na smaak.

Can also use cherry jam on base.

Comments (mom): I found that I always had to bake it longer than the recipe says, but keep to the recipe and check if it is still too sloppy, then bake it a bit longer. The trick is not to bake it too long as it gets dry. Also, I never decorated it, it is nice just the way it is.

Another idea: add lemon (rind?) to centre layer.

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