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Cabbage wok

Added 10/Sep/2014

Roughly based on a NYTimes random recipe.

serves: 3+



  1. Blocks of tofu: marinade in tabasco/cayenne pepper/balsamico/olive oil/pepper, the usual, whatever comes to mind

Wait an hour+.

  1. Wash and slice the cabbage very thinly.
  2. Make ½ cup of bouillon and add a ½ tsp sugar, 2 tbsp soya sauce, 2 tsp vinegar.
  3. Beat an egg, add salt, then add it to a rather hot wok with some oil. When set flip, then remove, slice, set side. Do this twice.
  4. Add chopped garlic and ginger to the hot, wok, with some extra oil.
  5. Within about 30s, add the tofu. Fry a while until it all starts browning.
  6. Add cabbage and keep it moving until it starts to reduce.
  7. Probably a reasonable point to cover the noodles in boiling water separately.
  8. Add bouillon mixture and black pepper, let it reduce again.
  9. When done add cilantro, then after a while stir in the noodles (which have been drained elsewhere).
  10. Perhaps add oyster sauce / salt / pepper / chili (paste) to taste.

Serve, yay!