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Added 10/Sep/2014

Ingredients for brigadeiros

For one portion:

You can use salted butter and it may enhance the flavor, depending on your tastes.


  1. Put everything in a pan large enough to give you room to mix it. Notice you might need to mix a little fast at the end, so relatively tall pans are preferable.
  2. Mix it with a wooden spoon until it is more or less homogeneous.
  3. Put the pan on low heat and keep mixing. Remember to clean up the edges and keep stirring the bottom so it doesn’t stick/burn and don’t stop stirring. At first it’s going to soften a lot but after a while it’s going to harden.
  4. Every now and then try to turn the pan so that you can check the bottom. When it is viscous enough for the mix to fall as a block and you can see small bubbles being formed at the bottom, it should be time to take out of the heat.
  5. Leave it to cool down on its own for some minutes and then it’s ready to put on the fridge.
  6. Spread the “cripsbolletjes” on a soup plate.
  7. Spread some butter on your hands.
  8. With a spoon, take small portions from the pan and make small balls by rolling it against both of your hands.
  9. Spread it around on the soup plate so it gets the “cripsbolletjes”.
  10. Make another one after you notice you’ve eaten that one before showing anyone else.
  11. Seriously, stop eating this as soon as you make them.
  12. ???
  13. Diabetes! Sweet, sweet diabetes.