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Baba ganoush

Added 5/Jul/2020

source: Nayran



  1. With a gas stove, char/cook the washed eggplants over the open flame. It’ll take longer than you expect - but at one point or another they’ll start looking and smelling smoky.

  2. When they’re sufficiently charred, stick them into a preheated oven at about 220C and bake them until they’re collapsed and very soft. It’s difficult to overcook them, and undercooked eggplant is blech.

  3. Optionally remove them from the oven and cover with alufoil while they’re cooling, to (supposedly) increase the smokiness).

  4. In a stainless steel dish, add crushed garlic, some lemon juice to taste, and the eggplant innards. You’ll have to scrape off (try a fork) the black burnt bits leaving the slimy insides. Mix and squish until it’s a chunky but even consistency. Add a tablespoon of tahini or two, to taste, to bind the mixture. Perhaps add some of the saved “oil” from before. You’ll figure it out.