Occasionally, i work on something unrelated to work. Usually this is to solve some niche frustration i have (i can be a very frustrated guy). You might be able to do something with my tinkerings.

Programming projects

  • Guix, the functional package manager and system distribution! Not my project, but i'm certainly a fan.
  • DotFS, scratching my configuration itch.
  • Spotiqueue, nicer queues for Spotify. It scrobbles.


  • Flickr, where i show off some of my photography. I don't much enjoy photographing people. I really need to update this.
  • Recipes, my personal wiki where i keep track of recipes i've “borrowed” from various sources.
  •, where you can stalk my listening habits. I'm quite partial to music in general.
  • GitHub, coding voyeurism.



paul (at) thisdomain
GPG: 0xEAF20AB71D1292C0