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The Nosedude

Hi! I’m paul! 👋

Read at your own risk.

New! PHOTO.EXE a.k.a. retro Instagram clone with fast GPU dithering for iOS – We like Bayer dithering and we also like the idea of a social network with privacy. Just a fun experiment at this point.

SOL.EXE a.k.a. retro Solitaire for iOS – We made a game for iOS telephones, and we find it quite amusing. It's like playing Solitaire in Windows 95. For now Apple is letting us keep it in the app store, but i fear the day they get a call from Bill G to take it down.

Spotiqueue – Do you use macOS? Do you have Spotify Premium (sorry, i don't make the rules)? Do you want a simpler player interface? Maybe try out Spotiqueue, it's a keyboard-interface Spotify client for macOS which.. i think me and one colleague use with some success? Oh you can script a couple of things in it using GNU Guile (keybindings, hooks, ...). One day it'll be the Emacs of Spotify!

TWOYOUTUBEVIDEOSANDAMOTHERFLIPPINGCROSSFADER.COM! – A bit like the older side-project, this one is also best understood in the context of Flash Player and a very different state of the web a decade or so ago. The extremely similarly-named project still exists on the web, but is defunct because of the endless treadmill of updated technologies and deprecated APIs. One fine weekend, we said to ourselves that it'd be mighty fine to resurrect it, or at least something in the same spirit. Enjoy! Oh no the domain name lapsed! – Check out Vistaserv, another one of our silly side projects. It tries to be a super retro-themed clone of Geocities, but with a few affordances of the modern web (such as no Shockwave or Java applets...) Oh no mothballed!

“Emacs users [...] probably brush their teeth more often and are more considerate lovers” — somebody on the Internet