The Nosedude

Hi! I’m Paul! I’m a recent arrival to Melbourne and i’m looking for software development projects. I do Racket, Haskell, Lisp, pretty much anything functional, but i will consider other options, for food. Before, i was a PhD student in computer science at INRIA Bordeaux. Before that, i was an MSc student at Utrecht University.

New! – Check out Vistaserv, my latest silly side project. It tries to be a super retro themed clone of Geocities, but with a few affordances of the modern web (such as no Shockwave or Java applets…)

On this site you’ll find a list of my recent academic work, as well as pointers to slightly more off-topic things such as my hobbies — many are to be found online. There also used to be the soapbox, where i used to expound on issues that grabbed my attention. I tend to get wound up about privacy, feminism, animal rights, music, gender, etc.

“Emacs users […] probably brush their teeth more often and are more considerate lovers” — somebody on the Internet

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